We strive to provide excellence in our services to our customers. The following are some of our services through which we maintain our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Customer Feedback: we incorporate your feedback into our service. We maintain regular surveys to make sure you are receiving the best service possible.
  • Supervision: A senior supervisor will check on the officers regularly and make sure things are running smoothly. They will also coordinate with management for any necessary security training.
  • Transition Timeline: Alert Security Network’s extensive experience will help make sure that each facet of the transition process is meticulously planned and implemented, to provide a seamless transfer from your current security provider to Alert Security Network.
  • Inspection: Inspections are performed by the supervisor. He or she will inspect the grade work on a quality checklist, which is turned in to the Operations Manager for review. Any deficiencies found are promptly corrected, and the corrective measures taken are noted on a written report. Periodically, the Operations Manager will visit the work site during the day for an on-site inspection. The Operation Manager will also be in regular contact with the client, making sure the client receives the high-quality service promised.
  • Hiring: The entire process begins with adherence to a strict selection, screening and training process before any of the supervision and inspection comes into play. Good security doesn’t just happen on its own. Our hiring process is more involved so that we employ the right people for the job. Should you wish to retain any of your current security force, we will put them through our standard hiring process to assure you that everyone assigned to your facility has consistent screening and training. Before anyone is assigned to your facilities, you can rest assured that they have successfully been put to the test at a variety of facilities to enable management to observe their punctuality, attention to detail, general demeanor, level of responsibility, and other factors that determine their assignments. Personnel are chosen based on maturity, work ethic and experience. They are trained to interact diplomatically but firmly with the public. In fact, we actively seek and recruit from the ranks of retired military and civil service personnel, to attract a more seasoned work force.